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Greek PM, A.Samaras and FM, V.Rapanos hospitalized after Greek election

Incoming finance minister Rapanos hospitalized
Greece's incoming finance minister Vassilis Rapanos was rushed to hospital on Friday after complaining of nausea, intense abdominal pains and dizziness, medical authorities said.
Rapanos had undergone checks at a hospital on Friday morning after a difficult night but returned to work. He was later rushed back to the medical facility, said a source at the bank where he is chairman.
"Vassilis Rapanos was admitted today because of intense abdominal pains, dizziness, nausea, sweating and weakness. . His condition has stabilised,» Hygeia Hospital in Athens said in a statement.
He was given fluids intravenously and is undergoing checks, the banking source said.
Rapanos, the chairman of Greece's biggest commercial bank National Bank of Greece, has been named finance minister in new Prime Minister Antonis Samaras's cabinet.
He was due to be sworn in later on Friday, but the Greek president's office said the ceremony would now be limited to two other deputy ministers who were scheduled to be sworn in alongside the finance minister.
The news came hours after Samaras´s office said the new premier himself would undergo eye surgery on Saturday to repair a damaged retina, forcing him to cancel a meeting of his parliamentary group on Friday. .

Κυριακή, 17 Ιουνίου 2012


The 'DEN PLIRONO' movement is born from the current social needs and constitutes a political movement of disobedience and resistance

The 'DEN PLIRONO' movement is born from the current social needs and constitutes a political movement of disobedience and resistance. It is flesh from the flesh of all exploited social layers and fights for two years, vindicating the social character of public goods. Fundamental political place and axis of action of our movement constitutes freeing of charge and access to all people, in all social goods that are essential for his decent existence. We fightingly claim free of charge education, health, streets, public spaces, Means of Public Transport, Water, Electricity, all natural goods (eg beaches, forests, air), and each good of social character for each person, Greek or immigrant.
The unprecedented crisis of the last years tosses radically the capitalistic system. Rulers in their effort to fortify their political, economical and ideological regime and to subjugate people, they form new, disguised juntas. The economic fortification of (global and national) financial system requires direct transport of wealth from the households to the banks. Such a 'grab' is attempted with the curtailment of wage and pensions, the dissolution of public health and education, the selling out of public property and with the continuous anti-social taxes.
The question that enters henceforth in the population is the following: How long for will we bend our heads obeying to a bunch bullies exploiters who want to steal our life? When at last will we rise up and take back our lives?
The first signs of collective workers' class struggle has already initiated. The 'DEN PLIRONO' movement committees, the neighborhood assemblies, the strikes in the factories (eg Steelworks) and in Means of Mass Media (ERT, ALTER, etc.) they are certainly some of the luminous examples of disobedience and resistance.
We call all exploited individuals, to choose the way of collective fight by actively participating in the open committees of the 'DEN PLIRONO' movement. We invite you all to unite our voices and our punches in order to take back our stolen lives.

Δευτέρα, 11 Ιουνίου 2012


Agressief Templeton Chase Ltd. beschermd door politie

Persbericht maandag 11 juni Zaterdag 9 juni hebben beveiligingsmedewerkers van Templeton Chase excessief geweld gebruikt tegen journalisten en Occupyers die demonstreerden tegen ACTA. De aanwezige politie greep niet in en beschermde haar demonstrerende burgers niet tegen de vernielzucht en agressie van de twee beveiligingsmedewerkers. Er werd geen proces verbaal opgemaakt, de geweldplegers werden niet aangehouden, noch staande gehouden. Geheel tegen de logische gang van zaken in beëindigde de politie hierna de demonstratie van geweldloze Occupyers en gaven aan dat zij “natuurlijk wel weten wie deze bewakers zijn”. Als de demonstranten niet snel zouden doorlopen zouden zij gearresteerd worden! Excessief geweld door beveiligingsmedewerkers lijkt eerder regelmaat dan uitzondering, gezien het aantal aangiften. Op 26 april werd er zelfs binnen het actualiteitendebat met de burgemeester gesproken hoe deze overtredingen voorkomen kunnen worden in de toekomst. Occupy maakt zich zorgen over de onduidelijke relatie tussen de veiligheidsdriehoek en de particuliere beveiligingsbranche. Alle situaties zijn op film vastgelegd en worden aangeboden aan de gemeenteraadsleden. Occupy Rotterdam is tegelijk met meer dan 900 Occupy acties in steden over de hele wereld op 15 oktober 2011 gestart, in navolging van de Arabische opstanden, de Spaanse Indignados en Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Rotterdam staat in afwachting van haar terugkeer op het Beursplein een korte periode op het Rode Zand. De filmpjes: Templeton Chase Ltd. aggressive; protected by police Occupy Rotterdam Press Release Monday, 11 June 2012 Saturday June 9th, Templeton Chase security guards used excessive violence against journalists and Occupyers demonstrating against ACTA. The present police did not intervene to protect demonstrating citizens against the destructiveness and aggression of the two security guards. There was no police report made, the perpetrators were not apprehended, nor stopped. Completely against the logical state of affairs, the police ended the demonstration of nonviolent Occupyers and indicated that they “know who these security guards are.” If the demonstrators would not quickly move on, they would be arrested! Excessive force by security personnel seems to be rather the rule, than the exception, given the number of reports. On 26 April 2012, even within the debate with the mayor, was discussed how these violations should be prevented in the future. Occupy is concerned about the unclear relationship between government/police and the private security industry. All situations are captured on film and presented to the Rotterdam city councilors. Occupy Rotterdam simultaneously with more than 900 actions in cities around the world started on 15 October 2011, following the Arab uprisings, the Spanish Indignados and Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Rotterdam is about to return to ‘WTC – Beursplein’ awaiting a short period at the ‘Rode Zand’.